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Football Crazy - Andrew's Musings
Football Crazy
I've just got back from a football match - England Women v Holland Women

It was no friendly either but a full competitive international. A qualifier for the Womens' Euro 2013 Finals
One England quite needed to win as only the top side in each group automatically qualify. A loss or a draw and England almost certainly find themselves having to qualify via a play-off 

It was being played at the new City of Salford Stadium just down the road and figuring you don't get to see the national side every day (and the ticket prices were a bargain) I decided to have an afternoon out.

I'm really glad I did!

The new stadium is really nice  and there was a great family party atmosphere there. People had bought along their kids (or being Father's Day, maybe kids had bought along their parents). There were a sprinkling of Holland fans who made the trip and they were sat together but there was no enforced separation. 

I'm not a sports fan but I enjoyed the game. There was attacking football from both sides and they weren't afraid to tackle each other. Best of all, if anyone was tackled , they got straight back up, no writhing on the ground trying to get a free kick. At one point I swear the force of a tackle sent one of the England defenders into a somersault and then to the floor. She got back up and stuck in again.

As for the result. Well,, it's possible that some people did record Match of the Day (It was on BBC 2) so if you want to know the result the official Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/EnglandWomen


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